The Big Fat World Of Men’s Fashion

The Big Fat World Of Men’s FashionThe world of Men’s Fashion these days have started banging on the wall with a huge noise. Almost daily, new trends and concepts are being introduced to compete with Women. This has received tremendous appreciation from all young male and older men. If this has change has taken place in the world of Fashion, then that credit should go to, who is the brain behind this success. The dressing sense has seen an upside down transform and what is considered as an improper one has taken a new facelift because of the elaborate work thinking and redefining the style. Be it a formal or a casual wear, one can find a fabulous piece. The colours and the patterns mixed for the formal wear add radiance to your inner beauty. The dress one wear is the reflection of the minds strength. The confidence will get a double charged boost, if one appears before the audience in the outfit of Milanoo. The right and rich blend of fabric is the basics of the formal wear shirt and that has been done and handled efficiently and effectively in this series. By wearing a casual wear from the section, one will have the feel of flying high on the sky with freedom. The current fittings and the measurement and the stitches are tailor made to the needs of an individual customer and hence there are no chances of mismatch or out of shape.

With the experienced tailors on the roll, the premium fabrics are a perfect dressing to the first dating. Be it summer or winter, the weather is not going to affect a person who has rightly picked from the lot. The leather and woolen Read More

Evening Dresses

We always want you to be a day in this site and therefore do not want to miss the opportunity now to show you the best in evening dresses either this summer or next fall and with that they are going to be spectacular. this site we saw a bit last year, evening dresses 2012 are characterized for having neglected fashion that all models and designs are long, and therefore we can find elegant evening dresses that are short and well can wear with booties, which actually Read More

Mens Hairstyles 2013 this site we are always up to date with all the fashion and trends on the world in every season, but we can not forget that the hairstyles and haircuts are also very important for both men and women, so I speak now of the Men’s hairstyles 2013.

Although until recently the “star hairstyle” for either man was disheveled style of actors like Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson or wear bangs for the younger guys in the style of the famous Justin Bieber, I must say that for this year, men’s hair seems shorter style recovers.

So although things and say that the man cut is the latest trend, we can add that neither is going shaven fashion as in previous years. If you want to go to the last will have to opt for hairstyles that allow you to “play” with your hair and one of these is undoubtedly hairstyles pompadour style as the famous leading model Jon Kortajarena and therefore allows a way to wear it natural, and take as much hair parted in the middle and on the other hand is one of the trendiest hairstyles for 2013.

Also with some pomade hairstyles that are trendy looks for 2013, and although it is not convenient to abuse it, will make ideal occasion to be Read More

The fashion of the 50 ’50s marked a departure from the world of fashion, the women left behind the images somewhat lacking in appeal of 40s to get involved earlier than ever in seeking to define their style appearance, were the moments preceding what would be the changing decade of the twentieth century, the ’60s.

In those 50′s in the great shining Hollwyood queens like Joan Crawford, Rita Hayworth and magnetism as a style was envied by all, fashion was simple pure glamor like to be, and if you were simply taking a cozy and casual style to Sandra Dee, there was no way to look less attractive than women of the ’50s knew what was the appeal of the clothes.

The fashion of the 50s as we have said was pure glamor that is still imitated today, because yes, fashion is an eternal innovate. It was during the reign of dresses, these dresses tight blouse and pleated full skirts and movement in the trend were significant, and were defined figure of a flirtation that when skirts were moving to the beat of walking the girls of the time.

The dress in the image above to illustrate this post, it reminds us of the time, but innovation is perfect, a lovely dress from the fall collection 2011 from Banana Republic.

It is the time of his trousers to the ankle, which is a recurrent fashion over the next few years and now we see these magnificent Max Mara pants for fall winter 2011 2012.

The necklines dominated because women left behind the gray days of the war to plunge into the postwar boom also came dress Read More

Plus size fashion

If you are a woman with voluptuous proportions and can not find clothing that fits you ever in any mall … do not worry because there are places that specialize in designing and making clothes in large sizes that make you feel comfortable and improve your appearance looking regal and beautiful . dresses can be regal and attend this important event that did not want to miss. You can find dresses for all occasions, elegant for formal commitments such as weddings or anniversaries, dressed for meetings in the field or for a trip to the movies with her boyfriend or friends. No matter where you go, the thing is to always look Read More